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    نظام آلي لإدارة محطات الوقود
    (جـــامعة الـــشيخ عـــبدالله الــــــبدري, 2021-01-01) أسراء سر الختم محمد على; خليفة محمد خير خليفة ادريس; زكريا العرش محمد علي; محمد حسن سيداحمد الحسن; اسحق محمد عثمان
    The research aims to create a smart system to manage gas stations and to address the problems resulting from the traditional method of dealing with gas stations and to overcome the problems resulting from the distribution of rations, the method depends on reading the user's card by an RFID reader that is linked with the Arduino controller unit that sends signals in turn to the Visual Studio program To compare the user's data with the data on the PHP server( the database) is set through the database if the card has been registered before or not. If registered, it displays its previously saved data under the serial number of the card, and if it was not dared to register it before, open new window in the user interface if you want to register it.