Effect of direct exposure to ringing mobile phone waves on ECG heart rate and rhythm among healthy adults

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جامعة الشيخ عبدالله البدري
Abstract The effect of electromagnetic wave from mobile phones on human health is of great interest, the current study was designed to investigate the effect of mobile phone electromagnetic waves on ECG heart rate and rhythm among different healthy adult volunteers’ ages and sex while mobile phone was placed on the chest pocket level during ringing mode. It was an experimental, comparative study conducted in the period from march 2014 to August 2016 in north of Sudan at Elsheikh Abdallah Elbadri University among 850 volunteers, Sudanese and other nationalities.500 male and 350 females, aged 16 - 49 years were included in the study. ECG was done before and after exposure to ringing mobile phone. Significant changes in ECG heart rate and rhythm was detected and the results was found to be consistent in males and females’ group. The study conclude that mobile phone is not a safety device and should not be used by medical staff inside the ECG rooms.