In vitro Antitrichomonal Activity of Acacia nilotica L different extracts

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جامعة الشيخ عبدالله البدري
ABSTRACT Background: Trichomonas vaginalis is the major worldwide health problem of non viral sexual from all transmitted diseases (STD) especially in the third world. Methods: In the present work barks and fruits of Acacia nolotica were extracted by methanol, chloroform and water, with different concentrations to be investigated in vitro against T. vaginalis. Results: Methanolic extracts of both of A. nilotica fruits and bark exhibit 100% mortality at concentration 250 µg µml after 192 hours, this was compared with metrondizole powder which gave 100% mortality at concentration312.5 µg/ml after 216 hours, while the fruits chloroform extracts gave mortality 83.2% at 1000 µg/ml after 216 hours, mean while, the bark chloroform extracts gave mortality 100% at 1000 µg ml after 192 hours. Water extract of both of A. nilotica fruits and bark exhibit 85.5% and 97.1% respectively at concentration 250 µg/ml after 192 hours. Keywords: Trichomonas vaginalis, Acacia nilotica, Metronidazole