Assessment of Iron Profile among Sudanese Patients with Chronic Renal Failure in Shendi Town

This is a descriptive cross-sectional case-control study conducted in Al-Mak Nemir University Hospital in Shendi town to evaluate the iron profile in patients with chronic renal failure during the period March to July 2018. The study included thirty patients who were diagnosed with chronic renal failure and the study group was compared with ten healthy volunteers as a control group. Blood samples were collected from the two groups, Iron profile parameters were measured, Data was collected using a structured face-to-face questionnaire, and the (SPSS) version (11.5) program was used for data analysis. The study revealed the patients with chronic renal failure were (73.3%) male and (26.6%) female, distributed as (66.7%) have (31-50) years old, (23.3%) have (51-70) years old, and (10%) have (71-100) years old. The iron profile indicated that the mean values of S. iron, S. ferritin, and TIBC, were (182.2667ug/dL), (267.4000ug/L), and (195.2333ug/dL) respectively. This study showed that chronic renal failure is responsible for significant changes in iron profile