Effect of Microwave Irradiation on staining methods of Connective Tissue Fibers (collagen Fiber)

Background: This study was conducted at Elsheikh Abdallah Elbadri University in barber to assess the effect of the microwave irradiation on staining procedures for connective tissue fiber especially collagen fiber. Rationale: Most of histochemical staining procedures require long time to be performed. Reduction of staining time with improvement of staining quality will lead to more rapid and accurate diagnosis Objective: To compare between ordinary and microwave irradiation methods for Masson-Trichrome staining in order to reduction time of staining and increase the staining quality. Methodology: 50 samples was collected from appendix and skin, in order to stain collagen fiber by Masson Trichrome with both technique by using microwave irradiation and by ordinary method, to compare the quality of stain and time consumption in these two methods. Results: The study showed that 17(68%) of samples give high quality result, 5(20%) give midd quality and 3(12%) give poor quality stain from total 25 samples done by microwave in three minutes. While 7(28%) of samples give high quality, 17(68%) give middle quality and 1(14%) give poor quality from total 25 sample done by ordinary method in thirty minutes. Conclusion: from this study that applying microwave in staining collagen fiber by Masson Trichrome stain give high quality result and little time compare to ordinary method.