In vitro anti-trichomonal activity of three endogenous Sudanese forestry medicinal trees

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جامعة الشيخ عبدالله البدري
ABSTRACT Trichomoniasis is the major worldwide sexual transmitting protozoal diseases (STPD) especially in the third world, caused by flagellated Trichomonas vaginalis. In the present work barks and fruits of three selected medicinal plants (Acacia seyal, A. senegal and Tamarindus indica) were extracted by methanol, chloroform and water, to be investigated in vitro against T. vaginalis with different concentrations. After 6 days exposure A.seyal bark gave 97, 85 and 78% mortality from methanol, chloroform and water extracts respectively at higher concerntration tested (1000 ppm), followed by A. Senegal bark which showed 85, 64 and 66% mortality at the same concentration, while the fruits of A seyal revealed 79, 79 and 58% mortality with highest concentration. For A. Senegal fruits 56, 74 and 72% was observed for methanol chloroform and water extracts respectively. However T. indica bark and fruit extracts were found the less active among the three investigated plants. Hence A. Seyal and A. Senegal can be considered of potent antitrichomonal activity rather than T. indica.