Design and Simulation of a product Recognition Device for Visually Impaired

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جامعة الشيخ عبدالله البدري
In live people very much depend on the senses and limb to do their activates, but there is many people who lost one or more from these sense and with it the ability to do a lot of thing by their own, One of the most important sense is the sight. In this time, there are many devices and technologies designed to help people with vi- sually impaired overcome their difficulties, and shopping is one it. This project present a system to help visually impaired move freely in the supermarket and recognize the products. The recognition done by device carried by the visually impaired, the device contain a reader read the tags spread on the supermarket shelves, and each tag represent a product. The tags contain codes send to the reader and the send to voice chip, which play voice record, contain infor- mation about the product.