Most appropriate method of teaching composition writing to school students of Sudan

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جامعة الشيخ عبدالله البدري
Abstract The study aimed to look at the present situation of teaching composition writing in three states, namely, The Red Sea State, River Nile State, and Khartoum State. The study problem depended on those who faced difficulties in writing a composition which were related to the content, organization and style of composition writing. The research had adopted the descriptive method since it suits the nature and aim of the study. In order to carry out this activity, the investigators used structured interviews of fifteen questions to obtain information from teachers of English at secondary schools in these States. About composition writing observation Checklist was made to observe what actually was done by the teachers of English when they teach their students a composition lesson. The study revealed very significant results. The most important ones were: students confront many and various difficulties when they attempt to write an English composition. Neither guided nor free composition writing can be achieved which is the main objective of teaching an English composition. Based on the study results, the study recommendations were suggested. The most significant ones were: the influence of psychological factor on composition writing skills of the participants, composition writing should be as realistic as possible as it is a mean of communications and teachers should keep in mind that the two types of composition, guided and free, were different, and that acquiring one did not ensure improving the other since students will acquire what they have practiced.