Testicular Size and Male Infertility in Sudanese Patients Attending Khartoum Dermatology and Venereology Teaching Hospital

Abstract Objective: The study is conducted to evaluate the relationship between testicular volume measured by ultrasound and sperm parameters (volume, count, motility, significant leukocyte and morphology) in Sudanese infertile males attending KDTH, andrology department. Methods: Prospective cross sectional, investigational hospital based study .A total of 100 males were investigated for this study. The testicular volumes of all subjects were measured by ultrasonography. The serial semen samples were collected by the process of masturbation after 3-5 days of ejaculatory abstinence and were analyzed by CASA according to WHO criteria 2010. Results: 74 out of 100 of patients with low Testicular volume had low motility (74%).Correlation between testicular volume and volume of semen, sperm count, morphology and presence of significant leukocyte revealed no significant correlation. Conclusions: Testicular volume had a significant correlation with sperm motility. No significant relation between testicular volume and semen volume, sperm count and sperm morphology. Measurement of testicular volume cannot be helpful alone for assessing fertility at the initial physical examination.