Prevalence and causes of bed sores in bedridden of Atbara and Ad-Dammar Hospitals from December 2019 To February 2020

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جامعة الشيخ عبدالله البدري
Abstract Back ground: Bed sores are ischemic lesion of skin and underline tissue, caused by external pressure that impairs the flow of blood and lymph, the ischemia causes tissue necrosis and eventual ulceration, this ulcer called ‗‘bed sores decubitus, ulcer or pressure ulcer. Bed sore are classified by the depth of tissue damage. The staging of bed sore including stages1, 2, 3 and 4 (Assessment of nurses knowledge regarding prevention of bed sores in Elmak Nimer university hospital: Zainab E.) Objective: To determine prevalence and causes of bed sore in bedridden patient Method: This analytical cross-sectional study aim to assess prevalence and causes of bed sore in river Nile state (Atbara and Ad-Damir hospital) during period from (November – February) 2019 – 2020. Result: The data managed by SPSS. According to study (sample size =70 people), the prevalence of bed sore in Atbara and Ad-Damir hospital was found to be 22.9% The prevalence of first, second, third and four degree bed sore was 18.8, 12.5, 31.3, and 37.5 respectively. The most common site of bed sore was sacral (43.8) and the causes of bed sore among inadequate mobilization , weak sensory perception , poor nutrition ,and after surgery patient was ( 40 , 33.3 , 20 , 6.7 ) respectively . Conclusion: High prevalence of stage 3 and stage 4 of bedsores were detected in Atbara and Ad-Damir hospitals, so special protocols are needed to decrease the prevalence of bedsore. Also its show there is a big correlation between bedsores and bedridden Patients age (most common in elderly) Recommendation: This study is recommended that Hospital manger, head nurse and senior nurse have to encourage training course regarding knowledge of bed sores. Provide hospitals with equipment (air mattress).The health care staff should provide co-patients with full information about method of prevention and care of bedridden patients even if patient will discharge to the home