Design And Implementation of Self-Driving Car Using Arduino And GPS System

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جامعة الشيخ عبد الله البدري
Autonomous vehicles are virtually regarded as the panaceas for the future of road transport due to numerous promising benefits as safety, freedom of time, reduce traffic crowd and helping people with special needs for traveling. Thus, they have attracted wide attention from both academia and industry. Although associated technologies have been investigated and developed for decades, several obstacles still need to be overcome. One of the major obstacles is the total cost of the needed sensors. The main focus of this research is to design and implement a self- driving car prototype with inexpensive sensors that can do the main purpose. Arduino was used as a microcontroller to control the devices in this design. Tow DC motors were used to control moving which one control the direction and another control the movement. Different sensors were used to detect the position and direction and displayed these information on smart phone. Avoid collusion obstacles system was designed and implemented. The prototype was tested and it provided a very good results.