Assessment of Fibrinogen Level and Platelets Parameters among Vaccinated Healthy Individuals with COVID-19 Vaccine at Shendi Town

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جامعة الشيخ عبدالله البدري
Abstract: Background: Covid-19 vaccine is an immunization method used to reduce coronavirus incidence but lately caused life-threatening events such as thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome. Methods: This is a case control study conducted at Shendi town to evaluate platelet parameters and fibrinogen levels in vaccinated healthy individuals With Covid-19 vaccines between Augusts to November 2021. A total of (100) vaccinated healthy individual With the Covid-19 vaccine was enrolled in the study as test groups, compared with (50) healthy volunteers as a control group. Venous blood samples were transferred into Trisodium citrate and EDTA anticoagulant. Data was collected using a questionnaire and the (SPSS) version (22) program was used for data analysis. Results: The study revealed that the vaccinated healthy individuals were; (50%) male and (50%) female. The platelets parameter and fibrinogen indicated the mean values of platelets count, mean platelets volume, platelets distribution width, platelet crit, and fibrinogen, in Janssen vaccine groups, were (251.14 109\L), (8.39 fl), (15.6), (0.203%), and (158 mg\dl) respectively. The results study revealed the mean of PLT, MPV, PDW, PCT, and Fibrinogen, in Astrazeneca vaccine groups, were (272.08 109\L), (8.13fl), (15.56), (0.2211%), (159 mg/dl) respectively. Also explained the mean of PLT, MPV, PDW, PCT and Fibrinogen, in Astrazeneca vaccine groups were (272.08 109\L), (8.13fl), (15.56), (0.2211%), (159 mg\dl) respectively and in Janssen vaccine groups the mean values of PLT, MPV, PDW, PCT, Fibrinogen were ( 251.14 109\L), (8.39fl), (15.63), (0.2034%), (158 mg\dl) respectively. Conclusions: Covid-19 vaccines are responsible for significant changes in fibrinogen level in both AstraZeneca and Janssen vaccine groups.