Correlation between antimullerian hormone level before and after laparoscopic ovarian autologous PRP injection

ABSTRACT Aim: Randomized clinical trial aimed to know the possible correlation between laparoscopic ovarian autologous PRP injection and AMH level. Patients and Methods: Fifty-one Sudanese subfertile women attended to Banoon Fertility Center, Khartoum, Sudan, during the period from January 2018- June 2019 selected randomly and exposed to laparoscopic ovarian autologous PRP injection. AMH level of every participant measured before and after 3 months of administration of PRP to the ovaries. Results and Conclusion: We measured size of correlation between AMH level pre and post exposure of ovaries to PRP, AMH level increased in 33.3% (17) of the participants after PRP injection. Size of correlation = 0.64 which represent moderate positive correlation. The p-value was < .00001. The result is significant at p < .05. Further studies must be carried on with large sample size and involving different ethnic group. We are very grateful to all participated women whom voluntarily accept to engage in the study and to all cooperative staff at banoon fertility center.