Assignment of Protein C Level among Vaccinated Apparently Healthy Individuals with Covid-19 vaccine AstraZeneca

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جامعة الشيخ عبدالله البدري
Background: SARS COV-2 pandemic is still representing the biggest health challenge facing communities worldwide, since the winter of 2019. Covid-19 vaccine can Cause a very rare type of thrombosis. The study aimed to know the effect of COVID-19 vaccine AstraZeneca on protein C level among apparently healthy individuals. Methods: This is a case-control study conducted at Elmak-nimir university hospital which is located in Shendi town in Sudan to evaluate protein C in a vaccinated individual with Covid-19 vaccine AstraZeneca in the period between May to September 2021. The study included (30) person who was vaccinated with the Covid 19 vaccine and the study groups were compared with (8) unvaccinated as a control group. 30 venous blood samples as case and 8 as control transferred into Tri sodium citrate anticoagulant, protein C was done by the semi-automated method (spectrophotometer) using the endpoint method. Data was collected using a questionnaire and the (SPSS) version (22) program was used for data analysis. Results: The study revealed that of the vaccinated individual with the Covid-19 vaccine; (63%) were male and (37%) female. The mean values of Protein C in vaccinated (103.6%) and mean values of protein C in unvaccinated (54.4%). Conclusions: Covid-19 vaccine AstraZeneca can cause significant change by increasing protein C level