Effect of Plasmodium Falciparum and Plasmodium Vivax on Liver Function Mainly Alanine Aminotransferase and Bilirubin among Known Malaria Patient’s in River Nile State

Abstract The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of malaria on liver functions in known falciparum and vivax malaria patents’ this a hospital-based study, which was carried out at Atbara and Berber towns. A total of 60 samples were included in this study out of which 25 sample of patients with falciparum malaria and 25 sample of patient s’ with vivax malaria and 10 control. Liver function test certainly (ALT) and bilirubin tests were estimated by standard method. The results showed that an increased level in ALT and bilirubin in malaria patients as compared with control. The highest values of ALT were observed in vivax malaria patient their ages ranged 20-40 years old particularly in male patients. also, younger patients with vivax malaria showed high level of direct bilirubin, in contract the younger and elder falciparum malaria patients showed high level of indirect bilirubin. The elevation of total bilirubin was clearer in falciparum malaria patients’’ particularly in male gender. Although, ALT and bilirubin in normal ranges but in our study the dysfunction of liver is more common in falciparum malaria than vivax malaria.