Lifestyle and Dietary Habits of Covid-19 Positive Patients

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جامعة الشيخ عبدالله البدري
Abstract Background: Covid-19 is a serious pandemic disease that spread throughout the World. It reported that people having high immu nity defend this disease while low immunity die. This study reported the lifestyle and dietary habits of people who become victim of covid-19 to know people of which habits are more prone to the disease. Methodology: Questionnaire having questions related to lifestyle and dietary was directly filled during March to June 2020 under SOPs, 200 the covid-19 positive patients of each three main hospital of Province Punjab Pakistan, Mayo Hospital Lahore, Nishtar Hospital Multan, and Tayyab Urdagan Hospital Muzaffar Garh. Results: It reported that Covid-19 is more in the age 21-40 years (83.3%)people, more in men, more in people of having comorbidi ties and medical problems and patients having positive family history of COVID-19. 79.7% were fast food consumers. 18% patients consumed yogurt in daily food and 59.5% were smokers. Most of the patients were physically inactive (94%). Conclusion: Purpose of this study is to aware the people to change their life style and dietary habits so prepare their body to fight against Covid-19. This is the first report for the awareness of people in Pakistan.