Hyper Alkaline Phosphatasemia in Patients with Prostatic Cancer, Central Sudan

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جامعة الشيخ عبدالله البدري
Abstract: Background: Aim: Estimation of alkaline phosphatase levels in prostate cancer patients attending the National Cancer Institute of Gezira University to determine the association between elevated alkaline phosphatase levels and metastases in prostatic cancer patients. Methods: This is a descriptive cross-sectional hospital-based study to estimate alkaline phosphatase enzyme levels in patients with prostatic cancer who attended National Cancer Institute, Gezira University's between September and December 2018. A structured questionnaire was developed and prescribed to 100 subjects, which included personal and medically important information. The level of alkaline phosphatase was determined, and a biopsy was performed, with the results interpreted by a histopathologist. SPSS-23 was used to analyze the data. Results: Patients with metastatic prostatic cancer accounted for 50% of the patients in the research, and 51% of them had an alkaline phosphatase level greater than (124U/L). Bone metastasis was the most prevalent site of metastasis, accounting for 50% of all cases, whereas liver metastasis accounted for 12% of all cases. Radiation prostatectomy plus radiotherapy was the most prevalent treatment for prostatic cancer, accounting for 86 % of cases. In comparison to individuals with non-metastatic prostate cancer, the majority of patients with metastatic prostatic cancer had an elevated alkaline phosphatase. Conclusion: Finally, we discovered that the level of alkaline phosphatase is significantly raised in patients with metastatic prostate cancer. Early detection and treatment will limit the impact of this serious condition.