The Average of HBA among Selected Group of Sudanese Pateints with Fertility Disorders

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جامعة الشيخ عبدالله البدري
Abstract- Background: Sperm hyaluronan binding may be an indicator of which sperm are most likely to produce a viable pregnancy. For example, mature, hyaluronan-binding sperm are essentially free of cytoplasmic inclusions. This is of great value since cytoplasmic inclusions are extremely difficult to see when selecting sperm to inject into eggs in an in vitro fertilization cycle. Rationale: There is no known data about the average of HBA among Sudanese patients with infertility problems. Objectives: To know the average of HBA among selected group of Sudanese patients with fertility disorders. Method: Men who are preparing to do in vitro fertilization with ICSI will be asked to collect a semen specimen in the same manner that they would for a conventional semen analysis. The semen is mixed with some media and placed on a special slide that has been coated with hyaluronan. Mature sperm will bind the hyaluronan (bound).