Assessment of medications compliance among psychiatric patients atbara hospital from march 2018 to july 2018

Background compliance anal ner-compilance medications among psychiatric patient is an psychiatric of research werex Previous research showed high names of medication nor compliance among both odolcicent with medical disorder and adalt patients with psychiatrie disorder. Therefore we aim to assess compliance and man compliance to psychiatrne medication among prychiatric patient in chimic, and also to investigate the correlation with some other varialie Upe gender, marital secas, years of disease, occupation, dispossion of individual is family): it was descriptive cross sectional study, Shady acting this wody was amdacted in the period thum Marvih 2018 July 2018 in peychiatrie clasic refer in Attura hospital river Nile state wsung 138 Nadarese people, prychiatric patient 77 of dem were males, while seof dan were formules 18 to boycarsold the data with age between analysis by uving statistical package of social science (NPSS1Result: 87.7% of patients were compliance their medications, while 12.3% of them were compliance to medications. The age, gender, occupation, disposition of individual in the family have no significant effect the adhered to medication, on the other hand marital states and years of discue have significant effers with non-coonpliance to prychlarie seolicacions: The pults of current study seflect that few of the psychiatric patients have low пол compliance level to their prescribed modientions and majority of foem were compliance their medication. We recommended that counseling us trach patient and family abest nos compliance and tools if compliance,