Harmful influences of Parabens additives in certain types of COVID.19 Vaccines

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جامعة الشيخ عبدالله البدري
COVID.19 pandemic is the main disaster facing human-being in 21th century, despite rapid development of vaccination methods, many doubts a rise about the validity of the clinical trials on these artificial immunization tools. Some people have complications after receiving COV-2 vaccines, ranging from mild symptoms to death. Parabens which is chemical substances added to vaccines to increase its shelf live, shows estrogenic effect, competes estradiol (E2) in its receptor, high level of estradiol in blood, lead to increase IL-6, which is already increased by parabens, cause thrombotic complications, also parabens lead to change of gene expression and lead to breast cancer, cross the placenta lead to underdevelopment of reproductive and immune system of the fetus, gestational diabetes observed in pregnant women exposed to parabens and it cause overweight during childhood. Furthermore it leads to reduction of testosterone, sperm function and may cause male infertility.